Startup Launches ‘Complete Redesign’ of Blockchain to Address Scalability Concerns

A startup has unveiled a blockchain which can store data as well as transactions — meaning clients no longer need to trust third parties with their data.
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Expanding the Crypto-for-Business Frontier,
Speed is the Name of the Game

The internet keeps getting faster — faster phones, faster broadband, faster data processing. This inevitable trend leaves users expecting more and more progress as a matter of course. At the same time, businesses are keenly interested in the ways blockchain technology can reduce their reliance on third party services, and also how it can create completely new business models that revolve around the customer.
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BaaS: Helping the Business Sector Understand Blockchain

In every technological era, there is always a large divorce between the aspirations of the users of a technology and the realities of what actually gets done. In recent times, tech developments like the enterprise resource planning (ERP) takeover, the dawn of Big Data and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) have left large and small companies quite clueless as to how to implement these new technologies to beat the competition in tangible ways.
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Technological maturity seems like it’s finally coming to blockchain

Often when the average person thinks of tech success stories, giants like Amazon and Google come to mind. However, to those in the industry, other less publicly well-known companies (like Qualcomm or McKinsey) attract a lot of praise. These companies either provide the infrastructure or the advice/research for the customer-facing brands in the spotlight.
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Fracton Network Is A Blockchain That Works In Real Life

Fractonet has started to rewrite the rules of what is possible with Blockchain and this is where the evolution of the technology takes its next step.
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Blockchain’s Scaling Problem, Explained

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are increasing in popularity and gaining public awareness, but there’s a risk the technology will be unable to keep up with demand.
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